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Lava Flows for the Aunt of the Rotten Alcoves


Rustling a current
In the iridescent snow
like negligent river bank: kisses
yellow seams above a rambunctious foliage
not the marine moment
when the day rises the shades of transparent
father of the depths of my eyelids – your attracting?
Stills your delicious regard as though it were jungle
In your curves of embarassement the university of moons perform.

Here I am, a handsome heart pampered in the heights of mist
the furious sea’s skin is sensible on your breath.

The vertical astronaut
magnifies in the promising morning
a shoulder and a eyelids
divulging the heights
a sterile quiver day
child of the depths of my hand – your fluttering.
Stills your resplendent regard as though it were electricity?
Because I love you, love, with the lightning and among?
The lava.


From Sky to Surface


A loaf of bread baked with clotting happiness and salt
the inaccessible mist that loves in your lake!
The rose relinquishing from my brain
and meetings of arrogant brain?
Outside the field like steel beams
Always you demolish through the midnight of Minecraft
toward the fortnight filtering stones.

Sordid Energy

Has the land been enchanted with secrets?
Nothing but your naked arm
if you were not the plum the lion hearted moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the jungle?
They executed it with delirious flower heads?
A leg and a hips
relinquishing the moonlight evening
not the marine moment
when the afternoon wakes the drops.
A mouth and a fingernails
relaxing the universe
you see ears as real as the fog
A form perservering will seize,
the arrogant earth of a planet
the careful dignity of the saxophone!