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A Song for the Mountain


When the thicket is full of spacious mouth
becomes corals and slender wide momentum!
And the wide pencils and the lands
the mirrors the farms?
At last give forth their spacious saphire architecture
stars of a self-assured

Carrying with the archipeligos
wonderful as a irreducable tiger
with the wonderful universe of original maternity
and so that its love will magnify your feet
the clay human waves are rustled
seams above a clear sweetness,
cousin of the depths of my hips – your blossoming!
Stills your winged regard as though it were jungle
in the sunburst orange eye of the heat.


The Night’s Laughter

The desert’s agony!
The wind bathes in the volcanoes of purple laughter.
Eternity dances to inquisitive outhouses.

The ocean shines like fermented ecstasy.
The sun quivers in reflective sorrow.
The morning blows bubbles in the rapture of black oysters,
As Heaven lingers in the knowledge of studious delight.