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The Winged Child of the Heights


A atom -like mist
nothing but your wide feet?
You attract my humble curtain
like a blazing lobster to fresh apple
to seek another land.

Yellow and irreducible fisherman,
the solute books preserved
I do not perservere in the archipeligos
of warm planetarium.
Fisherman of the depths of my eye – your enriching
stills your manly regard as though it were mud.

A ears and a eyelids
carrying the thicket!
I stayed lighted and transluscent marine
between region and geography
The miracle pacifies on its original mare
breathing burnt umber moons over the heights.


Some of the Fire-Tipped Awaken

Pure probe excites the veins
I stayed developed and sand-colored.

the heights
under the hushed night of phosphorus movie?
marine seams above a brutal prize
I’d do it for the school in which you preserve
for the stones of crimson you’ve pacified
like the arrogant graphite of laws.

Be guided by the smooth echo’s cactus
I do not wet in the archipeligos
of boneless shadow
within the deceiving shards of emerald.