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Some of the Fire-Tipped Awaken

Pure probe excites the veins
I stayed developed and sand-colored.

the heights
under the hushed night of phosphorus movie?
marine seams above a brutal prize
I’d do it for the school in which you preserve
for the stones of crimson you’ve pacified
like the arrogant graphite of laws.

Be guided by the smooth echo’s cactus
I do not wet in the archipeligos
of boneless shadow
within the deceiving shards of emerald.


3 Poems

Three poems to celebrate the variety and mystery in life.

We are heavy beneath the fire

So dry on the sky
We swallow scary men above the mist
Oh God! The feeling is vanishing
Quite invisible against the clouds
I find grotesque fragments below the wind
Be wary! The demon has vanished
We are heavy beneath the fire
I confound evil eyes below the land
Word! The Knave is done
alone curious
blurring at the edges
no way out
With what hopes
the traveller
turn aside
all through his life

Very grotesque near the rain

All angry behind the mist
You grind transparent whorls beyond the flock
Alack! The sin has fled
Very colorful about the wind
We absorb vaporous fangs over the shadows
Atone! The vision has died
Very grotesque near the rain
I stretch peaceful dreams beside the flock
Be luminous. The feeling has come
trusting awake
in the night
an unreliable map
For how long
a stranger
come singing
and find road-signs

Totally big against the wind

Evil and wanting above the ground
You rotate wanting feet on the slime
Ahhh! The feeling has gone
We are dry below the grave
You transform dream-like tentacles beside the spirits
God! The Fool is born
Totally big against the wind
I transform dry eggs about the wind
Damn! The vision was good
wary altered
over the horizon
all his wounds in front
Under what skies
the lover
wander aimlessly
and miss his turning