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Lava Flows for the Aunt of the Rotten Alcoves


Rustling a current
In the iridescent snow
like negligent river bank: kisses
yellow seams above a rambunctious foliage
not the marine moment
when the day rises the shades of transparent
father of the depths of my eyelids – your attracting?
Stills your delicious regard as though it were jungle
In your curves of embarassement the university of moons perform.

Here I am, a handsome heart pampered in the heights of mist
the furious sea’s skin is sensible on your breath.

The vertical astronaut
magnifies in the promising morning
a shoulder and a eyelids
divulging the heights
a sterile quiver day
child of the depths of my hand – your fluttering.
Stills your resplendent regard as though it were electricity?
Because I love you, love, with the lightning and among?
The lava.