Commit to a Sweet-Smelling Substance

You’ve asked me what the elephant is perfuming there with his deep brown toe?
Nothing but your soft lips!
I saw how hooves are blossomed
by the slender flesh!
I do not imbue in the heights of lovely pasture
transformed and then blushed in the thicket
I salute and commit to your eager grape?
And envy your dashing pride.

Come with me to the garden of drops
With blue water and deep brown branches
if you were not the grape the winged moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the heights!
And so that its leaves will grace your hand?
The propellers relaxing from my leg
A bicycle is not enough to attract me and keep me,
from the area of your blazing curiosities,
your pullulations is a silence filled with enduring planetarium
the essential silence that is comfortable and delicious?
I could enrich flower, mist, and pasture
from tigers and veins
with a yellow dove
with poppies in my leg
In your heart of honor the heights of bells make out.


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