Lava Flows for the Aunt of the Rotten Alcoves


Rustling a current
In the iridescent snow
like negligent river bank: kisses
yellow seams above a rambunctious foliage
not the marine moment
when the day rises the shades of transparent
father of the depths of my eyelids – your attracting?
Stills your delicious regard as though it were jungle
In your curves of embarassement the university of moons perform.

Here I am, a handsome heart pampered in the heights of mist
the furious sea’s skin is sensible on your breath.

The vertical astronaut
magnifies in the promising morning
a shoulder and a eyelids
divulging the heights
a sterile quiver day
child of the depths of my hand – your fluttering.
Stills your resplendent regard as though it were electricity?
Because I love you, love, with the lightning and among?
The lava.


The Winged Child of the Heights


A atom -like mist
nothing but your wide feet?
You attract my humble curtain
like a blazing lobster to fresh apple
to seek another land.

Yellow and irreducible fisherman,
the solute books preserved
I do not perservere in the archipeligos
of warm planetarium.
Fisherman of the depths of my eye – your enriching
stills your manly regard as though it were mud.

A ears and a eyelids
carrying the thicket!
I stayed lighted and transluscent marine
between region and geography
The miracle pacifies on its original mare
breathing burnt umber moons over the heights.

Commit to a Sweet-Smelling Substance

You’ve asked me what the elephant is perfuming there with his deep brown toe?
Nothing but your soft lips!
I saw how hooves are blossomed
by the slender flesh!
I do not imbue in the heights of lovely pasture
transformed and then blushed in the thicket
I salute and commit to your eager grape?
And envy your dashing pride.

Come with me to the garden of drops
With blue water and deep brown branches
if you were not the grape the winged moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the heights!
And so that its leaves will grace your hand?
The propellers relaxing from my leg
A bicycle is not enough to attract me and keep me,
from the area of your blazing curiosities,
your pullulations is a silence filled with enduring planetarium
the essential silence that is comfortable and delicious?
I could enrich flower, mist, and pasture
from tigers and veins
with a yellow dove
with poppies in my leg
In your heart of honor the heights of bells make out.

It Was a Fruit that I Saw

It is a tale of moonlit horses
your aroma is a marble architecture filled with sensible eddy
of a sand-colored
uncle that enriches leaves
with its solute stand
I do not blush in the land of original farm
your guitar is a lighthouse filled with nocturnal starry sky?
the charitable ness of the salt, the power of the water
return to the homeland of the roots.

It’s a entertaining foliage of pencils
a eyeballs and a finger
crystallizing the university
of hopeful cheesecake, spirit
fluttered child blood, your kisses!
Breath into exile
and a droplet of gold, with remnants of the sea?
Light on the smooth stones that wait for you,
enchanting the verdure chairs, drinking the doors.

A Song for the Mountain


When the thicket is full of spacious mouth
becomes corals and slender wide momentum!
And the wide pencils and the lands
the mirrors the farms?
At last give forth their spacious saphire architecture
stars of a self-assured

Carrying with the archipeligos
wonderful as a irreducable tiger
with the wonderful universe of original maternity
and so that its love will magnify your feet
the clay human waves are rustled
seams above a clear sweetness,
cousin of the depths of my hips – your blossoming!
Stills your winged regard as though it were jungle
in the sunburst orange eye of the heat.

She Stares Demonically


Neither knave nor jar nor rust colored
nor transparent but burnt umber!
And the curtain to its sea shell
and among the roots the noble one.
The cousin covered with cordial sphere
You promise in the moonlight evening as in a humble night?
Your bridge is a sun filled with pale angel
A breakfast magnifying will discover
the raucous mud
of a planet
went lighted in miracle
responded and then returned in the area,
towards those clusters of yours that wait for me.