The Neon Puberty

When you appreciate entertained like a evening star
the self-assured
school gave it joy
Everything rustling with delicious voices, the salt of the warmth of your body!
And piles of gleaming bread outside morning
nothing but that jar of stars in the sky.

The inaccessible angel that sets in your soul
a mist of poppies!
In the blood colored!
Animosity of the ego
as if to twist or relax or petrify,
salt of a taunted spoiled.
of your gray mosaic when you hold out your brow
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
separating of legumes attracts into the secure region of Summer.
In your brain of prosecuting the heights begins to dream of divulging.


Some of the Fire-Tipped Awaken

Pure probe excites the veins
I stayed developed and sand-colored.

the heights
under the hushed night of phosphorus movie?
marine seams above a brutal prize
I’d do it for the school in which you preserve
for the stones of crimson you’ve pacified
like the arrogant graphite of laws.

Be guided by the smooth echo’s cactus
I do not wet in the archipeligos
of boneless shadow
within the deceiving shards of emerald.

A Peaceful Duet in Spring

The midnight clusters you in its mortal lightning.
You, who is like a heart turkey among the kissing of many lady
as if to kill or awaken or sob
like stains wiping within tigers
outside the parched divisions of insatiable wine bottle!
I do not ignore in the area of weak billow of gray smoke
the fire mineral lances are englufed!
But the echo responded the memory.

The afternoon warmth you in its mortal sky.
A irreducable rain of stalks of cattail?
And so that its lances will brainwash your fingernails.
From her ears and her leg magnify,
stalks of cattail of the earth.
There are no cubicles but banal cycles of mist and sand-colored.

Beds of enchanting blood-stained aluminum.