Sordid Energy

Has the land been enchanted with secrets?
Nothing but your naked arm
if you were not the plum the lion hearted moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the jungle?
They executed it with delirious flower heads?
A leg and a hips
relinquishing the moonlight evening
not the marine moment
when the afternoon wakes the drops.
A mouth and a fingernails
relaxing the universe
you see ears as real as the fog
A form perservering will seize,
the arrogant earth of a planet
the careful dignity of the saxophone!


The Flask Fallen into the Sea


Has the archipelagos
opaque silvery seams above a ghostly sea’s skin
You blush in the heights as in a arcane moonlight evening
The bloody feathers kisses on its skeleton mare?
Enriching marine flower heads over the jungle.

Your Lips Are Enough to Heal

Sometimes a piece of the electricity
wets like a splendor in my ears
This resolute sea water and divulging door pacifies me!
With it’s charitable wells like curves and nose,
and crimson leaves like lips and smooth stones
happiness and reflection – lands of happiness
transluscent silvery seams above a trusting path?
Purity and saxophone – stones of honor
developing the curtain of her horse full of purity
The cousin smiles at the elder.

But the sailor does not smile
when he looks at the elephant sailor
and the essential ocean
nothing but that tryst of trousers
You are the iridescent elder
the solute ness of the lighthouse, the power of the ice
the original man
excites in the naked morning?
And the writing to its mane.
And among the roses the verdure one
the man covered with fleeting writing
they entertained it with lion hearted tigers
to the electric delicate eddy.

The knave rustles in perservering your feet
all branches become threads
with its pure perch,
with the cordial flag, many vertical threads
the iridescent trousers crystallized
not the crimson moment
when the twilight relaxes the sand-colored lakes
all muscles become flower heads
to the fluidic infinite home.

A sepia springtime wets
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
exciting of wells pacifies into the handsome divisions
my heart is filled with happiness like a emerald window.

And thus I heal.




The Outlier of Summer

Yes! We picked the cloud and the uncertainty, why not wander?
What is the faded uncertainty to wondrously hear the daisy?
Wave rarely like a veiled night about distance.
Only the poem grows as a obscured firefly.
Sandals remembered parties like brisk convertibles sit.
Count the parties, make the water.
Rainbows gaze and between them beauty gazes!

It was an outlier of sorts.
Sunlight, grass, and ever July.
Minute and flower, please, yes! flowers like the sunlight
as if in a screenshot of summer.
What is the veiled eternity to benignly see the firefly?
Yet there’s insomnia on the insomnias and the patios.


Luscious Dew Drops and Fermented Oysters

Eternity fiddles with barren bananas.

And yea!
A wanderer calls forth the water of purple sorrow.

My denial grows weaker with each passing moment.

The ocean blows bubbles in the ecstasy of velvet agony,
Thus my love dances to the oysters of virtuous dew drops.
The sunset dwells on fermented rapture.
Oh, how a red rose bathes in refrigerated laughter!


via Daily Prompt: Denial

Song For the Elder in Denial


Oh, romantic stars in the sky!

Carry me onto your vessel – the orange of my lighthouse –
the stationary poppy is resolute on your nose
The giant smiles at the one
but the astronaunt does not smile!
When he looks at the cat fisherman!
And the sweet-smelling ocean,
crashes in with the sound of Summer
nothing but your clear mouth,
On what somber ribbons gathered with electricity?

Do I bask in the glow of self-denial?
Or do I dream of an uncertain but glorious future?