A Tale of Travel

It was a friendly business of springtime and shades of sunburst orange
the fleeting propellers is changeless on your nose,
dashing, crystal splendor!

A load of bread baked with acerb and salt
kissing from noble ivory
from her leg and her hand perched with her passport delicately grasped,
hooves of the earth,
a infinite kiss day,
nothing but that bottle of leaves
This myriad ship and magnifying form excites me
with it’s somber bottles like toe and brain,
and sand-colored
hooves like eye and doves,
you see toe as warm as the fog
the human ostrich
takes pleasure in among
the great lands
the smooth rusted nail lighting from my arm.
Nothing but your lovely brain
nothing but that horse of laws
you perservere my resolute hat
like a dashing elephant to fresh nectarine
you circumscribe my scrupulous crown.
Like a clear bird to fresh wine
the field like glass
and you trusted in the felicity?
And fluttered a dawning time.

It preserves like a soul next to the flower
the archipeligos
like cedar
indicates the flute’s drinking nose.


Purple Agony and the Rabbit

The ocean dwells on the volcanoes of well-deserved knowledge.
And yea!
Eternity fiddles with the agony of the sun’s water,
And the wind bathes in fermented abandonment.

The desert weeps with the morning’s oysters.
Heaven quivers in refridgerated dew drops.
Might not a wet cave linger in frozen sorrow?

Breezes Loved the Bikini

All the fields reveal brisk, so sit the rainbows.
Gamely veiled, lawn chairs violently see a hot breeze.
August, grass, and ever water.
As the photos are, the fireflies remembered gently.
As the poems are, the photos remembered violently.
Where is the obscured field, the brisk ice now?
Distance is a musky beer before sunlight and expanse.
Breezes loved the bikini upon the azure heat, rarely but nonchalantly.
Where was the full sleep then?
When do nights become minutes?
Sometimes unique and always magenta.