Two Sonnets and a Poem

A Sonnet of Unkindness

That thy unkindness lays upon my heart;
And steal dead seeming of his living hue?
Dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee,
I am to wait, though waiting so be hell,

Or gluttoning on all, or all away.
Lifts up his burning head, each under eye
But then my friends heart let my poor heart bail;
Then can no horse with my desire keep pace.

Thou canst not, love, disgrace me half so ill,
Self so self-loving were iniquity.
O! then vouchsafe me but this loving thought:
Which borrowed from this holy fire of Love,

The guilty goddess of my harmful deeds,
Oaths of thy love, thy truth, thy constancy;

The Better Angel

The better angel is a man right fair,
But then my friends heart let my poor heart bail;
And all my honest faith in thee is lost:
So shall I live, supposing thou art true,

For, if I should despair, I should grow mad,
To march in ranks of better equipage:
Let those who are in favour with their stars
With virtuous wish would bear you living flowers,

And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed.
If thinking on me then should make you woe.
Which to repair should be thy chief desire.
Sweet beauty hath no name, no holy bower,

I will acquaintance strangle, and look strange;
When in eternal lines to time thou grow.

Lying in her long veils in the shadowy glade where

And to grow in the corn lull them asleep of brilliant flies;
pours burning love of mad seas;
that by starlight! when the sap of the world!

Vision of her big breasts by the wave.
– its coolness on my feet, the beads of their loves.
In a slumbering alder hemmed in by chimaeras.
– from violet forests: where the stars are sleeping.

Lying in her long veils, in the shadowy glade where
embroidered with black moss weep on her shoulder
mount in my soul but endless;

I cared nothing for all, spinner horrible eyes of sea,
of sour apples pale-eyed realize in antique dramas
the scented twilight, devoured by vermin.



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