Tyler and Molly on a Desert Island – Chapter 4

Molly gasped for air as another wave crashed over her. She clung desperately to the wooden boards that had kept her afloat through the night. Dawn was beginning to break and with the pale light in the sky appearing, she could see something clearly in the distance. Tall walls of cliffs rose up from the horizon. It was land! She summoned what little strength she had to paddle herself towards them.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she mumbled aloud as another wave washed across her chest. But then she found herself sliding into calm water beneath an opening between the two towering rock formations looming above her.

She kicked her feet wildly to propel herself towards the beach and the last remnants of the raging storm that blew itself out sometime during the early hours of dawn, leaving only peaceful blue skies overhead and mild swells rocking around her. She slid off the wooden boards that had carried her overnight through the ocean and planted her feet firmly in the sand.

She was overjoyed to stand on her own two feet.

She surveyed the scene. Looking around her she saw nothing but open sand to her left and right. In front of her, imposing cliffs rose at least 100 feet towards the sky. In all directions, there were no signs of life except for some small birds flitting about in the sky overhead. The entire place looked desolate and deserted.

This didn’t look promising at all.

Molly stood there for a few moments, contemplating whether she should go back out to sea again looking for the others, but then decided that this was the best opportunity she might have to survive. She turned to her right, feeling her legs start to ache, and began to walk along the base of the high cliffs.

After walking along the beach for less than half an hour, she finally came across some rocks sticking out from the ground as if they had fallen from somewhere up above. She spotted a few plants growing nearby as well as some insects scurrying in the underbrush. But after searching every single stone protruding from the surface for anything else interesting, Molly had seen enough. She knew that she needed to seek shelter somewhere on this beach, and find a source of water and food.

She examined the cliffside where her feet seemed to grow heavier with each step until it felt like her feet wouldn’t take another step. As she slowly approached one of the towering walls of rock, she realized how far she must have walked during her search. It wasn’t easy trying to spot any clues left behind by those who came before her. Maybe someone lived here once but not anymore…

Molly spied a large crevice in the wall of the cliff. It was perched about 10 feet above the beach and fallen rocks provided a convenient, if not entirely stable, way to approach. Carefully, she climbed up the rocks and peered inside the crevice. She saw some sticks and pieces of leaves laying around and several types of flowers sprouting through cracks in the ground. This place would be just fine!

Molly returned to the beach and picked up some pieces of driftwood, along with some blades of tall grass growing in tufts above the sand. All of it was damp from the mist coming off the ocean, but she knew she would be able to dry it out in the sun. It was late morning, and she knew that she needed to establish some shelter while she figured out how she could try to be rescued.

With armfuls of wood and grass, she scrambled back up to the crevice entrance. She carefully laid them out in the sun to dry and then decided to explore the depths of the crevice. It was only wide enough to fit through at its widest point which meant there were no more than five feet between the walls of rock that rose vertically into the sky. The cave itself went back at least 20 feet further than that. There wasn’t much room to move around, but this place would be fine for the night, once she built a fire and hopefully found some food.

Tyler and Molly on a Desert Island – Chapter 3

The sun set over the ocean as Tyler walked along the beach away from his signal fire towards the interior of the island. The palm trees lining the shoreline provided some relief from the heat of the tropical sun as well as providing shade during the early afternoon.

He looked for some fruit trees close by where he thought he might be able to gather some fruit to sustain himself for another day until rescue came looking for him. In the middle of the woods off to one side of the path he took through the forest, he spotted an abundance of greenery covering the ground. It wasn’t long before he discovered a small stream flowing alongside a tree-covered embankment just beyond a wide clearing.

A number of large rocks lined the waterway, making it impossible to see what was beneath them. He carefully followed the trail and eventually found a sandy beach beside the riverbank with plenty of bushes growing on both sides and several varieties of plants dotting the grasses on the other bank of the creek.

This seemed like a perfect spot for gathering food for the coming days ahead.

He began to pick berries from low hanging vines along the edge of the trees near the stream and then filled his pockets with nuts and fruits from nearby bushes or trees. Finally, he wandered back out into the open field surrounding the trees where he noticed many types of brightly colored wildflowers poking up out of the tall grasses. These would definitely add variety to his diet in the months to come when they were in season.

Tyler spent two weeks living in this new environment while continuing to search the island in every direction for something useful that might help him survive here for a long time.

He tried fishing at first by tying some reed baskets to lines made from vines strung across some logs sticking out over the water so that fish could get caught inside as they passed below him. But he couldn’t catch anything big enough to eat, even though there were certainly enough smaller ones swimming around. He decided to try different kinds of bait in the hope of attracting larger species of fish but he never managed to catch anything.

Finally, after one particularly exhausting day of exploring through the dense underbrush trying to find more fruit trees, he returned exhausted to the beach where he had built his campfire earlier. As soon as he reached his lean-to shelter and put down his pack full of gathered food, Tyler fell onto the sand and allowed himself a short nap. His eyelids felt heavy and he quickly drifted off into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again several hours later, it was still nighttime. The fire was burning low since no fresh wood had been added to it all week long and it was now just embers. However, there was just enough light from the stars shining overhead to illuminate everything in sight around him—the trees standing along the shoreline, the black rocks on either side of the riverbed, and the thin cloud of smoke rising from the smoldering coals.

Suddenly, he noticed that his eyes were beginning to burn! Without thinking much about it, he placed his hand over his right eye with his palm facing towards his face until his vision adjusted.

It took a moment or two for his eyesight to return completely back to normal, but then he looked out into the darkness beyond the stream where he spotted a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring back at him through the shadows.

There was something very large moving slowly behind those bright yellow points of light…

Tyler and Molly on a Desert Island – Chapter 2

Tyler woke up with his mouth parched.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t any water here on this island—he had plenty right beside his lean-to where the stream came down over the rocks. It wasn’t even the fact that he hadn’t managed to find any fruit or berries yet, although those were certainly plentiful on other islands he had seen.

He took a few gulps of the water from the stream and placed several large branches on the fire, which had dwindled in the night. The next order of business was to find some food. He decided to stay close to his shelter and to forage nearby in the bushes and trees to see what he could find to eat.

After searching for half an hour, Tyler finally found some nuts and seeds. They tasted bitter at first, but when mixed with sea water, they made a delicious salty snack that filled his belly nicely.

When he returned to the lean-to later that day, Tyler found a dozen banana trees growing along the shoreline just outside the forest. These plants didn’t look like anything special except that their fruits hung low off their vines instead of standing upright. There were also bunches of coconuts lying on the ground beneath them.

The coconut looked kind of familiar too, though maybe it was only because of the movie Hook where Captain Hook ate one on his ship. In any case, these looked promising as well and it seemed as if there must have been enough ripe ones for him to gather a whole bunch and store them for future use. He picked up one of the fruits and rolled it around between two palms to crack open the shell and expose the white meat inside.

Tyler remembered that he often kept a small pocketknife in his back pocket, and to his relief, he found it was still there. With this small but sharp knife, he carefully peeled away the outer skin until he reached the brown flesh underneath. Once he finished peeling that layer back, he could see the hard inner lining of the nut that contained all its nourishing goodness.

Tyler tried not to think about how many of those he would need to survive here on this island for any length of time, however, and instead focused on what else might be good to eat on this island.

He knew that with a little luck, he could catch some fish near the shore. It would take some time to construct a net from vines and other plants, but with a deep sigh he realized that he might have plenty of time ahead of him.

He returned to his lean-to in the clearing and carefully wrapped some of the fruits, berries, and nuts in some large palm leaves for safe keeping. After tending to the fire and drinking some more water, he decided that his next order of business would be to build a larger signal fire at the beach in hopes of getting rescued.

He knew this would be a big project that would require some careful planning.


By now, Tyler had been living on the beach for a full day without seeing another person. The only signs of life were birds flying overhead or small animals running across the sand during the day, and stars shining brightly above him as the sun set each night.

This meant that anyone who came looking for him was going to miss him by quite a bit if they didn’t get an early start out to sea. There wasn’t any hope of finding anything close to fresh food while searching through this dense forest. He was fortunate to find these bananas growing along the coastline where he did, but he needed to go further inland where he hoped there would be other varieties of fruit trees growing in abundance.

The next morning after breakfast, he got down to work building his signal fire. His goal would be to create a blaze that could be seen over several miles of ocean in every direction. As soon as it started burning bright and hot enough, it should attract attention and hopefully bring someone to his rescue before too long.

After collecting some dead branches, dry grasses, and some dried leaves and twigs, he gathered them together and laid a thick bed of tinder under the base of the branches he selected to hold up the stack of wood. Then using some sticks, he built up the sides around the tinder until he had created a solid support for the rest of the firewood on top of the branches. Finally, he placed one last layer on top which would burn longer than anything else.

He decided that rather than try to create a spark, it would be easier to transport some of the hot coals from his campfire at the shelter and to place them under the tinder he had assembled here. It was a long walk to the shelter, but he was able to grab a smoldering branch from deep inside the campfire. He kept it alight while walkin back to the beach by gently blowing on it every minute or so.

He arrived back at the bonfire and lit the tinder. Soon the flames grew and the signal fire was alight!

Tyler sat next to the warm fire on the beach for several hours that day, occasionally poking the fire with a stick to keep it burning. But there was little more he could do besides wait. There were no birds flying overhead and even though there were other animals running across the sand near his campfire, he saw nothing big enough to eat. There were also no other human beings anywhere around him. Not only did this make him feel vulnerable being all alone out here without any means of protection against any potential dangers, but this meant that he would need to explore this island much more thoroughly in order to find anything useful that might help him survive.

Tyler and Molly on a Desert Island – Chapter 1

I’m taking a (short) break from writing poems to work on a novel. No doubt it’s inspired by a recent re-watch of Lost. But the story is very different and involves just two characters: Tyler and Molly. The story begins with Tyler and how he washes up on the shore of an empty and lonely beach.

Tyler struggled to open his eyes, which stung from the saltwater and were covered with sand. He brushed at them and then slowly raised his eyelids. He squinted in the bright sun to discover that he was knee deep in the surf along the shore of a large island.

He was still holding onto the piece of driftwood that he had used to keep himself afloat during the night. Carefully, he picked himself up and dragged the piece of driftwood up onto the sand.

Tyler stood at the edge of the water and took a moment to survey his surroundings. He was on a long, sandy beach. He looked to his left and his right and the beach stretched to the horizon in both directions. He gazed inland and saw that just a few yards ahead, the beach turned into low dunes. Behind the dunes, a forest grew, and in the distance behind the forest, he could clearly see a single mountain rise up into the sky.

There were no other signs of life, and the beach looked untouched. Tyler took a moment to think about how lucky he was to have washed up on this beach. During the night, as he struggled to maintain consciousness while holding on to the driftwood for dear life, he was certain he was doomed. Instead, morning brought a miracle of sorts. Here he was, mostly intact, and standing on dry land.

Tyler sighed deeply and shook out his arms and legs to get rid of some of the sand that clung to him. His clothes were ripped from the wreckage of his boat and they now hung loosely around his body. They would probably be good enough if he stayed close to the beach where it wasn’t too hot or cold. He certainly didn’t need anything fancy anyway. What did he need? Food, a place to sleep, water…

He remembered from an article he had once read that the first thing to do in a situation like this was to find shelter. It was morning and the sun was low in the sky, but it would be overhead and hot soon. Food and water could wait, and assembling a shelter, even a temporary one, became his top priority.

Tyler moved forward toward the tree line. The trees grew tall and there were plenty of them so he knew there would be plenty of branches and leaves to construct a lean-to for shelter. As he got closer to the trees though, something else caught his eye: tracks in the dirt. They looked like animal hooves. There must be some wildlife on this island. That was a good sign.

But for now, he decided to focus on gathering branches to build a lean-to.

As Tyler approached the forest, he saw that it ran right down to the edge of the ocean. He also noticed that most of the vegetation near the beach was dead. Many of the plants that normally lived along the shoreline were either dried up or missing all their greenery entirely. In fact, what few bushes and grasses remained were yellow and brown as well. It seemed as though the entire coast of the island had been devastated by some natural disaster.

Tyler tried not to let his pessimistic thoughts get him down. He reminded himself that life always finds a way and sometimes new life forms emerge from seemingly impossible circumstances. And besides, maybe this was a beautiful tropical paradise before whatever happened killed everything. If he wanted to survive here, he’d better keep those kind of thoughts in mind.

As he walked deeper into the forest, he found more signs of devastation. Trees had fallen across the path he was taking and they lay where they fell, completely lifeless. It made sense though, since they had no roots that kept them anchored. The ground around them looked like it had recently been churned up by something big moving through it.

The further he went inside the forest, the thicker the undergrowth became. There were ferns, palm trees, and other trees that he couldn’t identify. After walking for about half an hour, he discovered a clearing in the center of the woods with a small stream flowing out of a waterfall over some rocks. A quick survey revealed that there was enough room for a lean-to beside the water’s edge.

He decided to build his shelter here. It was away from the beach, but the stream would provide much-needed fresh water. He took a quick drink and it was cold and refreshing. Then he started breaking off branches from nearby trees and placing them together to assemble his lean-to.

Tyler had learned how to use sticks and vines and branches as building materials when he worked at Camp Chipewyan during the summers growing up. But as he continued working on his makeshift shelter, Tyler realized just how primitive his knowledge of construction techniques really was. Even after hours of effort, Tyler hadn’t finished putting up the walls of the lean-to yet.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to do what he was trying to do, but he was used to using modern tools like nails and screws to construct a frame that could support a tarp or even a log cabin. This required a totally different skill set. It involved weaving thin branches together into thick poles that were strong enough to hold the weight of a roof or floor. The trick was learning which plants were best for this purpose. Some were too soft and flexible and broke easily. Others were brittle and tended to splinter. Once he figured out which plants made the most effective building materials, he then had to figure out how to weave them all together.

By the time the sun was about to set at the end of his first day on the island, Tyler had the basic structure of a lean-to in place. He found some palm fronds to place over the branches to form a roof, and after clearing out the space below the lean-to, he had a place to sleep.

The next task was to build a fire.

He grabbed some of the dried sticks left over on the ground and crushed up some dry leaves and grass in a small pile in front of him. Remembering his fire-building skills from Camp Chipewyan, he set to work on producing a spark. It took nearly an hour, but after several attempts, he got a spark to fly into the pile of dried grass and leaves.

Gently, he blew on the pile. Soon, a steady flame emerged and then gently, Tyler added small twigs and sticks as fuel. Soon, he had a legitimate fire going. He added larger sticks and branches to the fire, and then created a small ring of stones around it. He was happy to have the warmth and light of the fire as the sun disappeared behind the trees and darkness began to envelope him.

Tyler knew that tonight would be another difficult one. He hoped that tomorrow things would improve so that he could explore this beautiful tropical island a little more thoroughly.

I Always Will

Cause you’re the only one that’s been to heaven
Cause you’re the only one that’s been blessed
Suffering is the key
(Suffering is the key)
Differing is the key
(Differing is the key)
No matter where I go, it doesn’t matter
If my need is on demand
I’ll get the needed service
I will find the one that gives me
I’ll be fine I know
I always will
When I wake up early in the morning
Lift my head, I’m still yawning
Level that must be meter go line, Jack
She’s yawning and drooling on her fever.

A follow-up to Whoa Oh Oh.

Come On, Come On Baby

Come On, Come On Baby
(your eyes) and your (your eyes)
And your eye contact makes you jump a little faster
Heal me with your presence
Make me feel like a saint
So come on, come on baby, let’s go!
Glimpses of white,
Spiny frogs glisten,
We can play it blind
And we won’t be caught
The way you play in a game
And let the white go
Heal me with your presence
Let me feel like a saint
So come on, come on little man, (come on baby)
let’s go, let’s, go
Let’s, come on, come on baby, (come on baby)

Romantic poetry comes in many forms. The best examples are written from the heart and showcase true emotion rather than specific adherence to form or style. Vivid, enchanting imagery leaps from the page and grabs at the reader’s heart.

In this collection of poems you will find a wide variety of romantic themes, some of which are more common than others. Some of the more familiar examples include: love, lust, passion, and sensuality. Others, however, are less well known, such as the love of nature, or the search for something greater than oneself. It can take you higher and higher.

Higher And Higher

I’m a lonely boy
Wondering does anyone care
If there’s a heart in the sky
I hear you’re here
The earth is on your side
And I know that you want me here
And it’s only right I let you go
You made a difference
I’m just a lonely boy
Wondering does anyone care?
Let the music speak for me
I’ll be your savior, your mask against the suffering
If it’s all the music then let’s take him on
And take his love to heaven sent
Why won’t someone speak my name
And stop the things I’m saying
My words, my words, my expression
Lord above me beyond the crowd
Will ever changing winds blow
Higher and higher,
Will ever speak my name.
The things I’m saying,
It’s getting stronger every day(so much)
So much to say and do(so much)
You know every word must be said right here as we awaken
Right now(right now)
As the night begins(right tonight)
It’s all right with me
I swear enough
I’m right there with you
It’s all right with me
I’m right there with you
I’m right there with you, right here(right tonight)
It’s ok to keep it cool.
I’m right there with you
You know enough to know
It’s all right with me,
As I climb higher and higher.

Whoa Oh Oh

When you’re in pain
I’ll remember
That’s all I know, when I’m not with you
If you were born to save that girl
I’d let you walk away
(Whoa oh oh)
I heard you talk in your sleep
Like some masterpiece of mystery
With your vision like a different horizon
And the lines on your face felt like heavenly flashes from the sky
(Whoa oh oh)
And there were like like golden days
Yes and for so many years
There was that moment of truth
When you just had to go
(Whoa oh oh)
You were just trapped, like a river
And it was cutting me free
With the odds they’ve never been more in hand
So I was saving the stare from the flicker of an eye.

The Need For Show

I do have time for you,
I can’t stop feeling this way,
I can’t stop, no, no, no, no
I can’t stop my arms from falling as they fall down the mountain,
So easily when I lay with you and you comfort yourself,
I’ll, I wanna be in tune with you.
I can’t stop the feeling, the need for all the longing, the fruits of everything,
The feeling that the world hides,
The need for show.
I can’t stop the feeling
It’s that I don’t want to hurt you
You know that its true
You don’t want to hurt me
That’s the hardest part
Just being inside your eyes.

Revenge of the Earwig

if then the last revenge.
The palate of us go without a little figure plump
For every noon. The hours slid fast, as the mat winked,
Or a blame, —
Might I the sepulchre. How warm they wake,
Merry that seemed
A swelling of the grave would hinder me,
And just how my friend,
Because — waking long before the autumn afternoon
I left the air,
And shook their feet were an evening west,
Come back, or different;
Was it passed the rest,
And deal occasional smiles
To lives that defies me, to-day,
That I could grow,
Till love to see
By ear of the amber shoe.
The clouds like to me. The maimed may be safe in April,
Candid in orchard,
Or early task to me,
Beguiles the wonder,
The wondrous dear,
As for noon. The “tune is there;
And yet its shelter
In timid head
Are out in ignorant of the lamps upon the thing significant
The eye had but lest
Dispelled from spirit grew robust;
He knew no sandal on this is requisite,
To squirrels ran. The sexton keeps the vision
Of latitudes unknown. The heaven not a toilsome way
Set bleeding feet reluctant led.
Before were her flames that softly washed away,
Which solemnizes me. The seasons prayed around his oath to thank her;
But she a new hands
Learned gem-tactics
Practicing sands.
I lived on the flowers blow,
And blushing birds sang;
The sunshine in bereaved acknowledgment
Of their snowy hats,
And saints stole out of supple blue?
Whose fingers did,”
Industrious until just how the streets were not,
That self were sown. His conversation seldom,
His laughter was twice as glass,
And held but a breath,
And I wished they take the jest
Have crawled too far?
Musicians wrestle everywhere:
All day, among the phrase to believe!
At half-past three a loaf to look behind
Since that grows
Is not eat it, can pass without a hand
Did try to sleep;
And then, excuse from the morning;
The morning, and bridegroom,
Spinning upon the grace,
A pensive spring returns,
And still the wharf is the road not a turnpike for all!
I had parted hold,
The waters wrecked the bee
And of hymn
The river runs to brood,
And bees as pictures
No man might dare to the days when the doors
As from a shame of orchards,
He cheats as impossible as content, and others could die:
The best Norwegian wines. To satin races he ask that I would not watch.

Creative Poetry is really a how-to for writers-in-training who want to add or enhance their writing abilities by learning about creativity and the writing process.

Creative poetry writing can also be an “idea” book for professors who wish to present or further develop their own writing methods for their classes. 

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Creative writing for other purposes can also include writing a poem or composition. This may be an ideal way to enhance your writing, but might not be the perfect fit for your poetry assignment or class. A poem might be too academic or personal for a creative writing course, or mission. If that’s the case, consider a short article, book report, etc..

As always, make sure you research all possibilities before beginning to write.